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Thread: 2011 fox numbers

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    2011 fox numbers

    Have the fox numbers around the country appeared to have increased this year.
    I may just be over imagining things but it seems to be a really busy year for them and personally im dealing with a much larger number than usual.
    This isnt just on the Land I keeper but also on the 3000 plus acres I manage the foxes on in the surrounding area.
    Im interested to know if others out there are having larger or even smaller numbers this year.


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    not in my garden.....

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    Magnum and I are shooting a lot at the moment. Weve been out 1 aft and 3 evenings this week, shot 1 during the day and another 3 during the evenings and have seen 2 more....Only 1 was a cub.

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    i got none left on 2500 acres since the archer arrived. but i heard em the other night just over the fence so it wont be long till they start turning up

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    Hi, I'm seeing about average this year but my mate has said he's seeing a lot more, and he does far more foxing than I do... unfortunately.. on one shoot where I help out, Im also missing more foxes than usual! Why oh why can't I spread my misses out evenly across the permissions I have, they wouldn't seem so many nor be so bleedin obvious! I won't tell you what the keeper has changed my name to on his phone ha!

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    There would appear to be alot about i think its down to their breeding season being interupted by that big fall of snow , hence some cubs are well up on their legs and well growen while others arent much bigger than cats

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    MrBarnDoor , you could spread your misses out over my place but id have to look at her first

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    MrBarnDoor , you could spread your misses out over my place but id have to look at her first
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Miss what is that, can't afford to do that. We thought we had ours under control, but lots rape/ makanthas grass so we always have some. Off road, you will have foxes, perhaps they are daylight ones. Certainly agree about the mixed litter sizes. Cub last week was tiny, yet saw one tues eve, very well grown and independent.

    We are waiting for the next lot of silage to be cut then it will be normal service resumes. Mates reloaded some .17 remmy for his fireball, so look out as the new variable meopta is now sighted in.


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    Shot a big dog two nights ago, four well grown cubs playing on the hill just before dark, got one the other three bolted.(can't blame them). Got two big cubs within five seconds of each other yesterday morning on a different piece of land. seen a few more too far away. i'll be back!!

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