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Thread: POI change due to nickel plated brass

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    POI change due to nickel plated brass

    Anyone experience a POI change, ceteris paribus, when using nickel plated brass?

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    Yup. My loads shot flatter in the .222 with Federal Nickle-plated match brass. I wrote it off to reduced expansion in the case and tighter neck. I eventually quit them for brass.~Muir

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    Ace - that will explain why I was having a perfect grouping below my normal POI off sticks the other day - I started another thread on that as you may recall. I just realised that for that grouping, I pulled out 3 nickel plated cases I had reloaded to the same specs as my normal brass - why it didn't occur to me earlier I have no idea

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    Nickel plating changes the effective brass hardness changing neck tension on the bullet. Generally, it's a bad idea - the only possible benefit apart from looks is if you do your stalking in a humid tropical jungle or similar where rapid surface corrosion of untreated brass might occur. Cases also seem to see neck splits far more often too - I avoid the breed like the plague!

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