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Thread: fallow bucks in Sussex

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    fallow bucks in Sussex

    I have 2 friends coming over from Finland in October and they would like to stalk some Fallow bucks with the oppertunity of a trophy head. Could any one help me out with this request. I am not looking for something for nothing and would expect to pay the going rates.
    Many thanks, Tusker.

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    Tusker, most guys in the area have such a large number of deer to shoot they rarely shoot the trophy heads. Getting the guys on deer is easy but finding someone with trophies available may be difficult depending on the trophy expectation.


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    Thanks Kiri, i am away now for a few days so i may pm you on my return

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    Try Darren of Viscount stalking, he is based outside Groombridge near tumbridgewells. I have stalked for a few days during the rut with my brother and he does have some good animals although they are not that easy to get close to , a bit like sika in scotland i found but we we managed to take 1 good head each both years we went down. He has some stunning ground on 2 estates and has plenty of deer. Hope this is of use.

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