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    please help i am looking for some 44 mag rounds cant find any dose anyone know where i can buy some from all help welcome
    thanks gerald

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    wentworth sporting -notts
    peter lawman-northants
    bromsgrove shooting supplies

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    Is there a particular type of .44 ammunition that you are looking for because .44 mag isn't exactly rare?

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    sorry i should tell the hole story i work as a knacker man and we did use sampson 225 grain bullits but thay have vanished of the face of the earth and the bullits we get now are no good they bounce of the bulls head not fun in a cow shed but that is all we can get so what we need is some thing with good penetration hollow point or similer
    thanks gerald

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    A .44mag that bounces off a cows head at close range? There's something wrong there! I've seen a .22LR knock over a fully grown cow (I know, not recommended, but when it's injured and that's all that's to hand it can do the job), so the .44 really should do the job with no issues!

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    Yeah. I'm with Matt on this one. I have been shooting 44 magnum for over 35 years and have never had one bounce off of anything made of flesh and bone at point-blank range. You didn't shoot 44 Special, did you?~Muir

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    You've probably been shooting ammo made for gallery rifle rather than full power .44mag then. My personal choice would probably be a good 240grn hard cast SWC rather than a hollow point.

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