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Thread: 7mm08 Brass

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    7mm08 Brass

    I've bought another M595 stainless laminate in 7-08 and the once fired brass that comes with it is mainly RP with 30 or so FC. Are these remington and federal respectively and I thought only a few people make 7-08 brass so could the FC actually be RP...
    If that makes any sense?!
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    The FC are Federal.

    I bought 160 factory Federals, fire-formed them in my 7mm-08 and have been reloading them ever since. Probably around 6 to 7 reloads and still going very well.
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    Yes, and RP is Remington (Remington-Peters is what the letters stand for, Peters being one of the many ammunition companies Remy bought out over the decades). Winchester also makes 7mm-08, many Americans reckoning its the best of the trio. (Wilson & Wilson Fieldsports in Ramsgate lists the Win brass at 50.70 / 100 in its current GunMart advert.)

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