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    I have tried a variety of commercial loads through my Scout (.308, light fluted barrel, T8 mod fitted) and have come down to using Norma 150 grains as my standard load. These are producing 3/4" groups, but I wonder if I could do better without getting into working up a home load.

    So far I've tried Federal, Sako, Winchester, Prvi Partizan and Samson, none of which can match the Norma performance through this particular rifle.

    Are there any Scout owners out there with good experiences that they might like to share?



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    To be honest 3/4 inch group is bloody good for a homeload never mind a factory round!
    Was your scout already threaded or did you have it done? I'm thinking about getting mine threaded but am unsure which is the best moderator for the scout.

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    I would agree with Grant Oliver and suggest you try the 123gr Sako.
    I use them through my SSG and they are fantastic on all species of deer and work on foxes too. (make sure you have fox control detailed on your certificate)

    All the best


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    Thanks guys - sounds like the 123 grain Sako is worth a try (fear not, fox control is already on the FAC). I'll get a box in and report back whan I've had a chance to give them a go.

    Mack - the Scout came factory threaded, so no threat to the warranty which is a bonus. As the barrel is already short I find that it balances very well with a Reflex T8 - to the point that it feels strange without the mod fitted. A nice, compact outfit. Don't worry that the Reflex won't strip for cleaning, I've used them for years and had no problem and can thoroughly recommend them. A squirt of WD40 or Napier oil after firing provides all the protection against corrosion they need.

    As for not being satisfied with 3/4" groups - always searching for perfection, or at least better than what I've got!

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    I can confirm the Sako rounds. I found my Scout was very fussy when using factory ammo but Sako and Lapua always grouped the best and most consistent.

    I've since moved on to an SSG69 Mod2

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