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Thread: Out for a little look round with a mate........

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    Out for a little look round with a mate........

    I got a mate over last night to have a sit out for Charlie in the valley opposite my house,I've hit them very hard over there as there seemed to be a hell of a lot causing problems.My mate decided to set up in a small valley within a valley(probable a proper word for it,but,I don't know what it on the other hand went to a field where I have a highseat and put up an Apple flavour salt lick,I placed on the back of a large Pine and poured a pint of molasses over it and let it run down the tree.Above the tree is a wood that holds a few Roe and Muntjac that come down into the Market garden to feast,I then went to find my mate,and he was frantically waving me over to his vantage point,and when I got there he showed me a Roe kid,and said there was another behind a bush,so I got the video out to try to get a bit of film,and I will be posting that a bit later.A bit later having watched these kids and then a Doe and even a bit later a Buck wander around the field they were then pushed out by the Buck which followed them on through towards the highseat.I went into the next field for a while waiting for the darkness to arrive as I have a new bit of land for foxes to have a shine round later,having seen absolutely nothing while in the next field I came back around to see my mate,and I spotted a Hare near the top of the field and when I let him know that the farmer wants them shot he took it out,and then a second just after,This is purely pest control,so happy farmer...........

    We then drove a short distance to the new piece of land,and as we got into the first field,we saw an eerie green light in the grass,I took a pic ........

    I went over and investigated,and there was a Glow worm(lampyris noctiluca),and neither of us had seen any for years,here are a few pics of the female as they are the ones that glow....

    After a bit of time having a close up look we headed off down through the fields that are again in a valley that dropped away from us.I was on the lamp and my mate was on the rifle,we hadn't gone far when a quick flash back from the lamp showed a pair of fox eyes peering through a sparse hedge(the sort you only get in sheep fields)up on the sticks,and from around 50yds Crack!!.......a complete MISS! well you can't get them all can you? We carried on into the next field and through a gateway and another set of eyes.We got into a better position so my mate could get on his bipod and started to call,the eyes did make their way towards us for a few steps,but then for some decision disappeared.I flicked the lamp around while carrying on squeeking and then a pair of eyes came steaming out of a small wooded area,it stopped and fell all in the same in the bag.

    A good sized cub,so we carried on a bit further and over a small stream into a very scrubby field with some streams running down over making it a bit boggy.There was another squeeker in the field now,a young Tawny Owl which turned out to be two Owls sat on a branch,so we got as near as possible to try to get a pic,not the best pic in the world but it was on the i-phone.....

    Another flick around and the obligatory squeek brought another pair of eyes,but this time it wasn't quite so keen on coming in,so,I used my 'Come to Daddy' squeek,and he cautiously made his way up the slope to stop sat on an inspection chamber where he met his maker along with his brother.......

    It was then that my mate remembered that he had one of these fancy all singing all dancing blood lamps,so we tried it out,and it certainly does show up the blood very well,almost like 3D to be honest,so,if you had taken a shot and lost a runner,the blood would show up like a brass button up a sheeps arse.We will hopefully not have to use it ever,but it will certainly be there if needed.Well that was it for the rest of the night,as the lamp wasn't goiung to last a lot longer,and with this being a new bit of land and a very cloudy night I didn't want to be left in the fields a good distance from the farmyard without a clue which way to
    I hope I haven't gone on too long and bored anyone..............Cheers from Martin and my mate(Foxdropper)

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post

    I hope I haven't gone on too long and bored anyone.............
    You certainly didn't bore me, Martin

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    Nice one M
    You always produce some great nights out and your ever informative posts proove it

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    Thanks Rich and Chanty,I have to say I enjoy writying them.


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    Good result, Martin. I've never even seen a glow worm, although I did hear some curlew last Saturday which was a first.

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    Our Retail on Hares is 9.50 a pop mate, so I would keep knocking em over if he wants them shot, you will have to come over in August for a bigun or two mate.

    Regs Lee

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    martin good write up with pictues included as well perhaps this could be a new carear for you
    really informative mate
    really good that you enjoy doing it as well
    I also viewed the roe doe and twins video also very good
    regards pete .

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    I have to agree, Martins exploits and write ups are difficult to beat.
    I`m just glad he`s better with a rifle and a camera than he is with a meat cleaver.
    Keep `em coming mate.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwcdart View Post

    Our Retail on Hares is 9.50 a pop mate, so I would keep knocking em over if he wants them shot, you will have to come over in August for a bigun or two mate.

    Regs Lee
    I'll be there Lee,just you give me the shout bud,and I shall follow my nose! ring me when you know when mate........Martin

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    Thumbs up

    Great read martin and some nice pictures
    So i am guessing its going to be hare for lunch on sunday.

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