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Thread: HS Precision Stock

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    HS Precision Stock

    I have a HS Precision Adjustable Tactical Stock with detachable magazine to fit a Rem 700 long action rifle for sale. 400 open to offers (these are over 600 new)
    PM me for further details and Pictures ( I will try to add to this thread )



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    Sorry for the delay, camera needs new batteries so had to use phone camera

    Attachment 7677Attachment 7678Attachment 7679Attachment 7680

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    Hi All
    At last I finally got the camera sorted new pictures added


    Attachment 7923 Attachment 7924 Attachment 7925

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    Still for Sale

    Open to offers (not silly ones)


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    This has to go Now 350


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    What calibre is the magazine for? Only reason I ask is that I would need it to feed a 7mm RM round so if it were a .270 a different magazine may be needed. Any idea of the weight of the stock?

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    HS stock still for sale


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    hi is the stock still for sale

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