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Thread: AICS Stock & magazine

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    AICS Stock & magazine

    Hi am looking for an AICS stock and magazine to fit to my rem700 PSS .223

    (or does anyone know where i can get 1??)


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    Thanks for the info mate!
    Looks like they don't do it for .223 though

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    Well they must do, mines a .223! just email them, they good to deal with, they have to modify the 5/10 round metal mags for the .223!(iv the 5 round) and they now do a polymer 10 round magazine for 31 too! as opposed to 90+ for the metal version!(very robust too)
    atb J

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    Tip top mate! Any chance of putting some pics up???


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    well i wud if i cud lol, how i upload on here?

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    Daz iv just put one on, via gallery!
    atb J

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    That looks awesome mate!!!
    Is your rem the Police model??


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    Ye i love it, most say its too heavy for a foxing rig but i just say man the f*^k up lol! No it aint the police, its the sps varmint, so 26" tube+ the ase mod! Thats it in its day/lamp guise, other wise it wears a dedicated D760nv scope.
    I like the police model uv got, was tinking maybe getting one of them and leaving that as dedicated Nv gun!
    atb J

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    Yep just noticed its an sps varmint. Mine has got the recoil ring/block between the action and barrel to engage with the bedding block in the stock.
    Think mine has a 26" barrel just had it threaded and its fitted with a northstar mod now, so its pretty long
    Its the 1:9 twist too so can handle heavier bullets.
    Thanks for the info mate and the pics!!

    Think i'll have to contact em and see if the action with recoil block will fit in the AICS stock before i get 1 !!!


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