I also hunted a common reedbuck in the Swartberg area of South Africa whilst i was out (see previous post)

It was actually the common reedbuck that got me interested in hunting as my best friend started showing me pictures of ones he had hunted. That was 15 years ago and it's taken me this long to finally hunt one.

We spent 3 days looking for one and passed up probably 10 rams before finally getting a good stalk on this chap. We did see a monster (possibly top 10 Rowland Ward) the day before but he was too smart for us and we never got a chance at him. We did have a good chance on a nice ram the evening before i shot this chap and stalked in on him whilst he was feeding. We got to about 20m before he scented us and although i was ready for the shot, i held off as we thought he was too small to shoot. It was only when he turned to run that we saw he was actually a stunning trophy, but by then it was too late!

On our last morning, we spotted this ram walking from the pasture to catch some sun (it was very cold). We stalked him along the top of the hill behind and i eventually got a shot from next to the tree on the ridge. he's a nice representitive and although not an official trophy, is a special one for me.

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Ram was shot from under the tree between his horns.