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Thread: 17 hmr bullet stuck article

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    17 hmr bullet stuck article

    just reading the july issue of sporting rifle and came across a letter to the editor on page 10. It describes a bullet getting stuck in the breech of a 17hmr after what sounded like a misfire. This has happened to me on two occassion with a cz 452 and winchester , just a word of caution as this seems to be more common than i thought.


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    I have heard this from two other people as well, though it was thought to be down to a paricular make of ammo. One bullet siezing in the barrel and failing to exit. He then thinking he had missed, fired of another round, very lucky not to have been hurt. He was lamping at night so checking was not really an option, besides there was no indication to the bullet having jammed. Brand new Sako quad if I remember corectly.

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    i have a 17 cz452 although i have not had a problem will definitely be checking barrel if any sign of missfire from now on,do you know what brand ammo it was?

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    The same thing happened to a mate of mine in the South of England. He also had a sako quad and was very lucky not to be hurt. Not sure what the answer as it is impractical to check the rifle while lamping each time you miss.

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    The good thing in my case was that the bolt wouldn't fully close as the bullet hadn't moved far enough into the
    barrel. If you normally slam the bolt closed I imagine the next round would chamber ok. Doesn't bestow confidence. I have never had any problems with hornady rounds but I have also heard from a few people that 17gr ammo is all the same brand, is this the case.

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    .17HMR is all off of the same machinery,in the same factory, regardless of the colour of the tip, the label on the lid , or the weight of the bullet.
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    Happened to me last week when I was lined up on a rabbit. Just heard the click of the firing pin and for a moment thought that I'd somehow not chambered a round, but then on withdrawal of the bolt & closer inspection, there was the case with all the powder was still inside it. Seemed a bit damp & clagged together as it wouldn't come out when I tapped it and even hesitant on prodding with a bit of wire..
    The bullet was lodged about half inch up the barrel.

    Was a Remmy round if that has any significance..
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    surely if you have a misfire and withdraw an empty cartridge the first thing you do is check the barrel?
    especially easy on a bolt action.
    even when lamping just shine your torch on the ground, aim rifle at beam and look through breech.
    no light = not clear!

    never had a squib but have had plenty of splits cases

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    Hello guys,i use a cz 452 and have had no problems other than necks splitting on remmie ammo which i wont be buying again , but i heard of this problem with the round being left in the barrel and then the shooter reloading and firing at which point the back blast blew off the magazine and totally wrecked the rifle.The question is what is the cause of this and how do you prevent it,lee

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    I had a few misfires with a cz 452 that i sold.
    I've never had a bullet stuck in the breach but its a gentle reminder to me to be checking in future on my other rifles

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