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Thread: Ocular lens rubber

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    Ocular lens rubber

    I lost the ocular lens rubber cover from my Meopta so those nice people at Meopta sent me a couple spare.

    What I am not sure about is what adhesive to use, not Copydex nor an epoxy but something inbetween.
    Rubber onto a painted steel surface.

    Any one know what to use?

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    I'd use silicone myself.


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    Schmidt & Bender very kindly sent me a couple for my scope & the glue they recommend is an epoxy resin - Some unrecognisable german stuff so mine will be going on with Araldite.

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    Silicon does not sound too silly, it may well work well.
    Meopta said Loctite but not which one.
    I'll have to see what silicon I have, I had some windscreen seal which would do well.
    Also got some araldite and Z-Poxy 30.

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    Jack, did they mean super glue? That should secure the rubber to the metal nicely, and the thin stuff is better than gooey silicon or epoxy to get a good finish.

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