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Thread: budget big game safri

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    budget big game safri

    can anyone tell me the cheapest big game safri outfiter on the web
    Royal Stag

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    Royalstag, PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shavesgreen View Post
    Royalstag, PM sent
    Is it a secret or does the outfitter only take one or two selected clients

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    Hello Mate

    Here is my two pence....

    Be wary of anyone approaching you as the cheapest safari outfitter as that decision can only be made if its stated clearly what your after. Hunting safaris varying incredibly country to country, some countries will have higher trophy fees, some will have higer taxs, some species will be more expensive in some countries due to a smaller popullation of said animal. Some countries will have longer minimum days for different beasts. Quite simply it varies incredibly.

    Just some food for thought.

    • Do you want trophy animals or a managment type package?
    • What species are you looking to hunt?
    • Do you have a prefrence to which country you want your safari to take place in? (this may be financialy dictated to you by the virtue of your choosen species)
    • Are you looking to hunt plains game or dangerous game? Even if its plains game many a hunter would still like the fact that they are hunting in area with dangerous game

    I hope this does not come across in any other way than as its intended just really to highlight that planning an African hunting safari needs to be really well researched in order to ensure that its what you anticipated and that it remains cheap as if your not already aware you will soon find out that there are lots of associated costs that are not always crystal unless you ask such as possible transfers to hunting concessions, dipping and packing of trophys, taxidermy, tips to camp staff. You just need to be careful mate.

    Dont get me wrong though there are some great deals out there to be had, but to take advantage of the truly great deals you need to of done your research prior so you can see the great from the duds.

    Happy hunting

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    Thankyou very much. You have given me a lot to think about

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    No trouble mate. The research is all part of an African safari and it will just get more exciting as you takes steps towards it.

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    Do you want some antlers with that?

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    ONE RECOMENDATION: take care with cheap hunting opperations! The cheapest trips they can became in the most expensive trip in you life.
    Remember extra expences as Exportation, Fligths, tags, etc

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    I would suggest the 'management package' would be the best value as no trophies would be involved, so no Export, Prep, Packaging or Frieght would be involved.
    That doesn't neccessarily mean you won't get to shoot some Trophy animals but if you insist on 'Management only' you will still have a trip of a lifetime and the photos or a DVD to show for it.

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    pm sent. no secret but anyone can view this dunt want to display his number to anti's and such. stav

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