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Thread: Information on how to get a Hanoverian Schweisshund

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    Information on how to get a Hanoverian Schweisshund

    A number of people have contacted me and ask how to get hold of an HS. Rather than answering them individually I thought the text below might be of use.
    As far as I can work out there are 6 ways of getting an HS.

    Before expanding on these I ought to start by saying that any job an HS can do a Bavarian can do just as well. They are as good for tracking red deer or wild boar than an HS. On top of that you have the advantage that there are a number of excellent BS's already in this country as well as a very good breed organisation that can help you finding the right hound. Join the BMHS they are worth their weight in gold.
    Easier and cheaper.

    But for those of you who insist on an HS these are the choices as I see them:

    1 You can join the Verein Hirschmann, the German breed regulator. You then ask to join their 5 day training course (for you, not for the dog). You might get a place if you can persude them that you really shoot/track a lot of deer and of course you need to speak German or take an interpreter.
    Have done this and made the right impression you get put on a list and might be contacted when a puppy is available. You then visit the breeder, bad luck when he lives in South East Germany and persuade him that you are the ideal owner.
    Again if you succeed you have to find a home with training for the pup till the rabies injections have taken their course. By then the minimum age of the hound will be 10 months.
    Not over yet. You are expected to go back to Germany and pass first the pretrail at 12 months and at 24-36 months the main trail.
    This course of action is only for the determined with deep pockets and a lot of time.

    2 A second way is to get in contact with a reputable breeder. These are hard to find and the Verein will give you no help and buy a hound from him. Insist on not only an export pedigree, ask them to send one to you, but also swabs from both sire and dam to prove that the parents are for real.
    You still have the rabies and housing problems described above.
    3 You can do the same with a non german breeder. There are excellent dogs in the countries surrounding Germany but again it is hard to get a reliable one. You might talk to the various countries Hanoverian clubs.
    Same again on pedigree and swabs. It must be an export one.
    Same again on rabies, housing etc.
    No more room, will write the rest later
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    To continue the saga
    4 You can buy a so called HS without papers on the continent. God knows what you can get, I have seen some very odd specimens that looked perfectly alright as puppies. But you can be lucky and get a gem. I like living dangerously but only up to a point. You still have the rabies, training etc costs. Ask for swabs and await the reaction.
    5 You can do the same as 4 in the UK. Same risks but at least no rabies etc costs.
    6 The Holy Grail. Buy a pup from parents with export pedigrees and ideally a pedigree itself from the Kennel Club.
    Two problems: 1 As far as I know there are none for sale and 2 The Kennel Club does not as yet recognise the breed but I am working on that.

    To sum up: If you want an excellent tracking dog now, get a good BS. If you speak German and have lots of time and money try 1-3, if desperate 4 or 5 or if you in this for the long term. like planting oaks, wait for 6 to happen.

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    Or buy one fron the litter advertised. I have been out to the kennels in Germany, seen where they were brought back from. They are both fully trained before coming over, that much is true as there is no getting over the Rabis thing. Then they bred...simple really. Or you could go the whole hog like my friend did. Either way you would end up with a pure bred dog. If it is the paper you want go for the German thing, if it is a working dog of the same breed, then get one bred in this country! The thinking behind bring these dogs over to the uk was to get some top class tracking dogs into the country. The Germans are very "Hard nosed" about letting the papers leave, and you need a lot of time and money to go down that route that not every one has!

    We must have sent these at the same time!!

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    Already I stand corrected.

    There is a 7th way.

    In Germany excellent shooting dog rescue centers exist. They occasionally have HS's. is de best I know off. Still all the costs but they will help with finding training etc.

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    There is a way around the 'rabies thing'.As and from 1 January 2012 a pet passport can be issued without a blood test for animals moving within the EU. It means that a dog/cat/ferret can travel on a pet passport three weeks following vaccination. New regulations were announced in May.Dama

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    If you are right and I have no reason to doubt you, this will save vast amounts of time and money. I'll be on to Defra like a flash on Monday. This is much hotter than an olympic ticket.
    Puppies can be found on the continent and if one can bring a few pups over at the same time the costs will be very acceptable. The last pup with papers I heard about was just over 600.
    Somebody ought to start a register of interested people and collect money to built a statue for you.

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    We can import a pup up to 12 weeks of age without a pets passport. The change of rules on 1/1/12 will make it so much easier to import a dog into the UK. I sent a teckle to England and she was nearly a year old before i could send her.
    Last year in Sweden only 10 hanovarian pups were born. Still a minor breed here. The magazine of the Swedish kennel club, Hundsport did a write up on the Bavarian and Hanovarian in this months issue.

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    Regret I struggle with the language so reading magazines is hard work; there was never a need as all the girlfriends spoke english!

    Do not know where you live in Sweden but there are a few HS's in Denmark and I read that one is fully accredited by the Verein Hirschmann. Quite sure that owner intends to breed.

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