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Thread: Biggest kill yet (cow)

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    Biggest kill yet (cow)

    landowner called today could I shoot a cow!! it had nearly killed the vet and another one could not get near it.
    wonder if its similer to shooting water buffs it went down back end first then raised its head and neck and slumped over.
    I can promise you the pickup was not far away I may be but would soon have been in it if it had come any closer.Before you ask it did not feel the 6.5 140gr.1 inch above and between the eyes.

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    I know some old cows that need a bullet, can i forward their whereabouts in confidence you'll do the same no questions asked?!

    Just a thought seeings as you seem to be good at it!


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    Dont know wether my nerves would stand it.there was some deep breathing, convinced me I would not want to go shooting Dangerous game, the old cows you know may come into that catorgary

    It did secure me more land for stalking though.lads on here ask how to find stalking.doing this sort of thing adds to mine.
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    I shot a bull 2 years ago. Same thing tried to kill vet and stockmen.
    I chose back of the lug with a 175gr T.B. bear claw.
    Dropped like a stone.
    Probably closer to 2 tonne then 1.

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    you will agree it make you concentrate though

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    hi there the cow must have felt something as it went down bk end first and then rased it head
    all so if you have not got cows on ur ticket you could get in some rite bother.


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    wondered how long bar room specialists would take to come out
    This has that one covered and most animals you can mention

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    A couple of years ago I had to go and shoot a couple of bulls that had escaped and had gone semi wild the farmer nor the vet could get any where near them I shot them with a 270 with 130gr bullets. And yes I have got them on my license under escaped and dangerous live stock. They both dropped on the spot.

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    p.s. I to am covered under estate management. I rang and checked before the job was undertaken.
    dweeb, maybe you should see who on here "has been around a while" they will not be caught out that easy.
    it will save you rubbing the locals the wrong way and making yourself look a fool.
    regards John

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    well said john another point for dweeb has he ever studied the reaction of animals to being shot !
    Low heart
    High heart
    ETC ETC.
    Just so he knows in future brain dead front legs act as props back legs go back as nerves tighten muscle neck streches again nerves,muscle spasm causes flinching some panic that have never seen it before it can often be seen in least thats how I was taught.I fail to see how there can be any feeling with brain turned to mush with 140 grn of lead rushing round in there.

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