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Thread: About to buy my first centrefire - any advice welcome

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    About to buy my first centrefire - any advice welcome


    I am looking at a rifle on Tuesday with a view to possibly purchasing it. It is a .243 Remington 700 SPS action (originally bought in April of this year) but it has been dropped in to a McMillan stock and had the standard trigger replaced with a CG trigger. It is screwcut and also comes with Leupold quick release rings. It also comes with a Meopta scope (Artemis 2000 3-12 x 50). It seems like a bargain to me at 895 for the complete outfit.

    I suppose my questions are: Is it the bargain it seems? What should I look out for when I inspect it? What further questions should I be asking?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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    The way I would look at this is,

    700sps second hand: 375 based on a 550 new price but there is cheaper.
    Scope: 275 second hand
    Stock:250 second hand

    Yes it would be a reasonable price, but only if it suits your needs.

    If it is possible, try some rounds through it. Check the externals as much as possible. If it has been mistreated, then you can assume that the barrel has not been looked after either. Have a look up the barrl and make sure there are no scratches from vigorous cleaning or mistreatment.

    It sounds like a reasonable rifle.

    Good luck


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    Thanks for that. The trigger is also about 200 too.

    And given that it was only bought initially in April 08, I would be surprised if it is in bad condition. Many thanks for your reply though. Much appreciated.

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    I think you have made up your mind!!

    If buying from a shop it might be worth sale or return subjuct to it shooting reasonable groups. Like wise if you are getting it from a private seller have a go before you buy it


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    Snelly i would look at it different angle and that would be is there better at that price and you will get a new tikka T3 for 600 and top it with a second had smit or equal scope for 299 easy now while it will not have a new trigger it doesn't need one the t3 trigger is a real nice crisp trigger and the kit would be yours from new .
    just a though you can add a stock at any time.

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    Thanks Dave. It is from a shop and I have said that I would like to be able to bring it back if the groups are all over the place and they have agreed.

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    remmy triggers

    I have a model 7. it has a lovely trigger. I think, but i am not sure the modern remmy triggers arer pretty good. however yours has been changed. The remmy rifles are a great deal and a lot of rifle for your money..... but like dave says there are others, cz, tikka, howa wetherby. all good. go out and enjoy it


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    Sounds like a good deal to me.

    As it is from a shop ask if you can look at it through a bore scope.

    The bonus of it being a Remmy is all the stuff that is available for the aftermarket.

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    You might also like to ask why the previous owner is getting rid of it after only 5 months and so much upgrading work? Who knows, you might even get an honest answer!

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    Have a look here mate there is a good few guns round the 600-700 mark that would leave plenty for a really good second hand scope .It will also give you a good idea of what prices everything is .That way if your set on the REM you can at least try and shift the price more in your favour.
    Once you have bought the rifle it is with you a long long time so make sure it is the correct choice for you.

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