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Thread: do roe like salt licks

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    do roe like salt licks

    There is a small herd of roe in my area and i would like to attract them in. I would like to know the best way of doing this.also do salt licks work with roe
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    This time of year roe are very territorial so salt licks wont be much help. If they come to your ground it will because of food and cover available.

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    put two on one of my areas once and we never saw a roe near them or any signs of them being used.they were standard cattle licks .Maybe there are more suitable one that work. used to see saltz paste advertised in shooting mags but know not if it works.

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    Roe tend to enjoy variety and if you can offer them an interesting and varied browse you will achieve far better results than simply providing a salt lick.
    Improve the quality and variety of food available on your ground, this can vary from simply strimming selected areas encouraging fresh regrowth to applying a fertliser such as ammonium nitrate or purchasing a deer lawn mix and reseeding selected areas, the options can be as cost effective or as expensive as you choose.
    Come tree planting season plant a variety of Roe friendly species, for reference Richard Prior provides a comprehensive list of suitable trees that are favoured by Roe in a number of his books.
    By "Roe gardening" you will find the benefits to your ground reach further than simply seeing more deer.

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