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Thread: Castration??

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    My 5 year old Chessie shows agression towards the odd male dog and i am not going to breed from him... i am contemplating the snip and was wondering if it will stop him scrapping? What do vets charge for it, he is 35kgs?

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    Coincidently I spoke to someone earlier who was quoted 150 this morning to get her Black Lab done.


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    It may not solve the problem. Perhaps more social networking and maybe show him who's boss a little more. My old Viszla can be quite vocal and even snappy but I put it down to her old age, loss of hearing and sight. Maybe she's like all females and has selective hearing!

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    I'm not sure castration will help
    the dog will still want to fight castrated or not
    It's in a male dogs genes to be dominant and more so in dogs that are dominant by nature
    Chessies are such a dog
    at the age of 5 socialising may be a little late
    Is this is a major concern or just contemplating because you hav not experienced such likes in a dog

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    I dont think it will stop him mate , and id leave them on so youve got something to distract him with

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    hi mate,
    twenty years ago i had an english bull terrier that started to get real nasty with other dogs so i followed the same train of thought as yourself and went to the vets he told me that it may or may not have the desired effect but as a try measure he gave him a hormone jab that he said after a few days to get into his system would have the same effect as castration and would last a week or two if it did the job then ok go ahead with the op.
    one week later the dog was a changed animal so great thinks me its worked, that afternoon i had to go out so i put him in his pen along with my 5 month old whippet bitch that he had known all its short life, when i returned an houre later the pup was dead, so the next day my best mate followed him it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do but it had to be done.
    take from this sad story what you like maybe this maybe that but to this day if any dog i own shows aggression that is unpredictable its history, as ive learnt my lesson.
    all the best

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    Castration will have little or no effect on aggressive behaviour. Is this out and out aggression to all other male dogs or is it as your post "the odd dog". Either way it is a training issue.

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    He got attacked by a lab on a shoot 2 years ago and since then he has a nervous aggression which can result in a scrap with the male dog that shows agression towards him...

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    Thats it every time mate , i bet the labs owmer laughed it off

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    He got a real beating... i was thinking of one of these?

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