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Thread: Thinking About Dsc 1

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    Thinking About Dsc 1

    I keep thinking about doing my dsc1 but not sure what ill get out of it as I studied deer management in college and gained my National diploma in deer management and also taking my large and small game hygiene course a few years back which I also gained.

    I suppose my biggest reason for not doing my dsc1 already is I studied deer management for 12 months and really not sure what a 4 day course could add other than a nice new shiny certificate.

    I've been stalking now with friends and by myself since I got my first Fac but would like to maybe try new places and new species and seems the dsc1 is the minimum qualification needed so I guess my question is after all this babbling is how dose my current qualifications compare to a dsc1 and is it even recognized by anyone?

    And should I blow pounds on the dsc1 if only to be able to try new things.

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    I was in a similar position before doing mine and thought i would do it before it became manadtory as more police forces seem to recignise it as a qualification ive since done level2 aswell , youll fly through it im sure and whats a few quid spread over the rest of your life

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    Chris, its been a few years since i did my DSC1 but are you not able to just sign up to do the test day now without the need to attend an organized course ?

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    You answered your own question in part,
    like to maybe try new places and new species and seems the dsc1 is the minimum qualification needed
    , I would say you should have a quick look through a bit of revision, maybe on the bits you might not remember, & book just the test day, if you are so sure that you have everything stored up top, plus you will very likely meet some new friends / characters too!
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    Unfortunatly, DSC 1 and 2 are here to stay, they will be more recognised by more than your Natoinal Diploma. I can see DSC1 becoming mandatory within the next few years......

    As has been said, with your past experience and qualifications, get a trg manual, read it several times, know it and apply for the assessment.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
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