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Thread: Georgias first stalk.

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    Georgias first stalk.

    My daughter is now 9.
    She has been attending pheasant shoots from about 6. Tonight I took her for her first stalk. We went to a high seat where a doe had been seen feeding a fawn within 20ft 2 mornings and 2 evenings this week. What an oppertunity. So not to be sat to long we entered the seat about 2010hrs.

    A proud dad having time for an uncommom bonding moment.

    Anyway apart from a few rabbits nothing stirred, I was willing as hard as for any paying client for something to happen. She sat quiet and still which is a first.(lol).
    The minutes seemed to grind on. 21.25 out came a doe but at the far end of the wood.
    I watched her for a while and realised she was feeding away and georgia couldn't see it without the binos for the thistles.
    A decision was made, we would stalk her, dropping out of the doe box we crept briskly and quietly towards her but in a blind spot.
    Getting about 80m's from her I peered through the under growth she was still feeding away and oblivious. I was planning how to get the girl into a position so she could see when from the corn to my left I saw movement. It was a 4 point buck who had come down a tram line, he saw the doe and rushed her (probably thinking in the failing light it was another buck, she startled and they dove into the wood. He had crossed our path no more then 50m's from us and the girl was "capped"!
    So that was it. (maybe another jan andrews in the making? maybe not but I enjoyed it).

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    nice one john keep her interested.see you hane the glasses on again!

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    i hope she got friends and family wish my daughter (16) would show some interest. stav

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    nice one john keep her interested.see you hane the glasses on again!
    yes I have a slight prescription in my left eye and its being monitored for 2 months, need glasses to drive and stalk still.
    they will do me again if no more improvement.
    the right eye is near perfect but not quite legal to drive in left.
    its no probs all can be sorted I hope.

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    Wel done both of has she asked to go out again?? Hope so!

    I first took my son (he'll be 13 in a couple of weeks) beating when he was 7 - made sure he couldn't get cold or wet, and he was hooked. Now sometimes he mithers me to damn death to go out , but I'd far rather that than have him slumped in front of a playstation all day every day . His enthusiasm for all things shooting may change as he discovers beer and girls as he gets older, but I'm makjng the most of it while I can, and it dos get another generation involved. My daughter (8) isn't interested in coming out with me, but she does enjoy eating rabbit, pigeon, venison, etc....

    I 'll keep my peepers peeled for the article entitled "Georgia's second stalk"......

    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    john great to see you out with your daughter enjoying a stalk in the countryside
    good write up . regards pete .

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    Nice one john good on you both but make the most of it my daughter used to accompany me fishing ,ferreting ,pidgeon shooting and stalking and we had a great time enjoying the countryside together then several of her school teachers told her it was cruel to harm any of gods creatures and that was the end of that and she hasnt been since.
    Shame realy as she was a good shot with some real potential and we used to have a good laugh.

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    well done to her mate !but god dam that buck his time will come!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK O SHEA View Post
    several of her school teachers told her it was cruel to harm any of gods creatures and that was the end of that and she hasnt been since.
    I hope you had a few less than tactful words with the head
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I have 3 daughters all helped with plucking and dressing game as children now they have kids of their own.I know one gave a teacher a right royal rollocking for trying to tell one of hers that killing animals to eat was wrong,and it was the parents call not the teachers.apparently caused a bit of a sink about it.words must not have been tactfull

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