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    Approaching Buck

    A curious thing happened to me the other day; I was out shooting a few rabbits off my sticks with my my young vizla bitch when I spied a buck on a slope above me. As I watched it through my scope my dog started running in circles around me the buck on seeing this started to approach then checked and then approached some more. The buck must have got to about 30 yds to me (i'm standing 20ft off the hedge line) when telling the dog to sit again, it heard me, checked itself then came out of the trance it was in and buggered off. It occured to me afterwards the dog might have been inadvertantly mimicking a doe. Has anyone ever seen this happen to them or seen a vizla or any other dog do this?

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    A bit like the dogs in the old duck decoys I think it's just curiosity.

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    I had one a few weeks back when I was out with the dogs, saw a young buck out feeding and decided to see how close I could get. Made the three dogs sit and started creeping up.

    Got around 30 yards from it then saw the buck look up, one of the labs had given in and was on his way and as he got level with me much to my surprise the buck started running towards me stamping its front feet.........

    It seemed then to click after a few seconds and started running off across the field, but then stopped at around 80 yards and had a good luck broadside on..............

    Pity I never had the rifle with me.....

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    curiosity has been the downfall of many a buck especially at this time of year they are getting more agressive as the testostorne rises.If you read some stalking books it explains how in broadleaf woodland you can somtimes bring a buck in by shuffiling the leaves then standing still.

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