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Thread: cleaning patch/oil catcher

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    cleaning patch/oil catcher

    catch all the crap and used patches that comes out the end of your barrel with a handy catcher

    small water bottle, 1/2" hole drilled in cap (happnes to fit on my 1/2"UNF thread)
    Cut bottle at a seam so you can remove all contents and reuse


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    I saw something to do this the other day at the gunshop. It was basically a plastic yoke that clamped to the muzzle, and had a thread to accept a bottle. I did think then that the same could be achieved by making a hole the right size for the barrel in the barrel lid, it seems I was not the only one to have that idea!

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    crap catcher in action

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    Looks like that home made mod in that film with Mark Whalberg. Was it "The Shooter"?

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    Yes it was shooter, just seen this post after posting similar idea, but I have varmit barrels so just tape plastic bottle onto end of muzzle.


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    great idea, have to make one and try it out

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    I like that almost enough to get my barrels cut for a moderator!


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    Think you could get a job on the Blue Peter Programe.

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