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Thread: preparing muntjac head

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    preparing muntjac head

    Got a muntjac head in freezer to prepare. What's best way to do this?

    I have access to Burco boiler- but how long? Any soda crystals needed? Power washing? Bleach?

    Advice please !

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    Thaw it out , skin off as much as possible , hang it in the boiler to the bottom of the antlers and leave it for an hour , take it out check it scrape off what you can it may need to go back in again , fish out the nassal bones and tusks glue them in and bleach as usual

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    Just as trouble says but watch the boiling time, never done a Muntjac so can't be sure but know that an hour can be a bit to long for a Roe.
    And don't use bleach, get some hydrogen peroxide to whiten the skull, bleach will whiten the bone and seem OK but a couple of months down the road you will find the skull starting to crumble, bleach turns the bone like chalk not immediately but after a while.

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    how did you get on with it ? tough little swines arent they

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    Hope to do it on Monday, will let you know !

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    Ok, so I copped out today. Took head out of freezer and took it to my mates place defrosted this morning. However, his burco boiler was not there ! We then decided to hang it in a larsen trap and let nature take its course or a couple of weeks.... will let you know outcome.

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    Dont do that itll go brown and youll never clean it

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    So I finally picked up the head from the Larsen trap, only 9 months later! It was completely devoid of flesh but the skin was really leathery. 30 mins in boiler sorted it. Need to glue tusks in and bleach. May do a bit of a power jet to make sure all bits are off.

    The skull is still white after all this time, so it may come out ok after all.

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    You should have just boiled it like your gonna have to do now!

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