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    Attachment 7648Had been messing about with the camera trying to take pictures of the redpolls on the feeder outside my kitchen window, when the goldfinch tried his luck, the redpolls although smaller than the goldfinches manage to keep everything else off, quite aggressive little beggars.

    This picture was sheer luck as i still don't know what half the settings on my camera are for.


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    Sometimes luck is all you need. Thats a good shot with great focus.

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    Fantastic shot - well done.

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    What a stunning photo - look out Mr Phipps....!!
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    enter that in the next autumn watch on auntie beeb.dont mention you shoot tho

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    Hey moose, thats a cracking picture, the blurred wings on the goldfinch is the icing ont he cake, gives it a sense of movement!

    Got any more!


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