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    hi i am quite new to stalking and only recently aquired my firearms. though i have had my shotgun permit for the last 15 years. i have done alot of rough shooting alot of competition clay shooting cpsa and have shot in syndicates, and the odd bought day. i have achieved my dsc1 and have been stalking a couple of times to a friends in scotland. stalking and rifle shooting are all quite new and am hoping to learn all about it and get as much experiance as i can. i have just bought a tikka t3 243 with a ziess scope and a spartan modifier all of which ive been told are suitable for the job. i hope this gives you an insight to me and would be willing to answer any questions.

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    Welcome aboard from the borders, good site and lots of good advice for us all. (ps) Good caliber choice


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    Welcome to the site, any questions just ask and someone will be along to answer them.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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