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Thread: Broke the ice

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    Broke the ice

    After a couple blank outings after sika this season, at last lucky.
    Got up at 4, collected a good friend and off down to kerry.
    We split up to two different high seats. It turned out to be a beatiful morning without rain, but the ground was very wet. I couldn't get a line on a spike that passed through and because we had no dog along didn't want to risk anything, so I let him go.
    Later a nice sika stag walked towards me and stopped for a moment, I took him at 85m. Didn't want to destroy him or his antlers and opted for a low head shot. Found the 165gr SST later just behind atlas joint.
    A day to remember, nice healthy fat animal, beautiful morning and good company.

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    well done nice looking beast why would you skin it out in the countryside ?????????

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    It looks like a back garden to me. Looks like the end of a path on the left.

    Nice animal, what rifle were you using and what moderator is it?


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    Vincy it was skinned in the garden, in the past I have skinned in the field next to the car and thought it was practical because the skin and feet can be disposed of and at home a quick wipe down and into the fridge.

    Jingzy, the rifle is a old sako forester in 308 semi custom now with a heavy magnum sporter profile Lothar Walther match barrel. The stock is the original walnut, changed to a walnut / carbon fiber stock, pillar bedded.
    I made this mini mod mainly to save my hearing. It only takes the big bang away, not as efficient as a full moderator, but only weighs half as much and is only half the size. Full welded stainless. Takes the recoil away and the rifle shoots extremely well with almost any ammo. Going on longer walks, I think even the a-tec moderator is too cumbersome. Off-hand shots are easier with the smaller mod too.
    Scope is a 3-12x50 S&B with precision hunter turrets. I think these turrets are the best thing for hunting, very practical and easy to use.

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    Nice looking stag

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    Nice Sika Edi, What part of kerry where you in?

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    Thanks Jonathon,

    Paul, around Clonkeen.
    Cork Killarney road.
    Are you from there? or been there?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg
    Thanks Jonathon,

    Paul, around Clonkeen.
    Cork Killarney road.
    Are you from there? or been there?

    I drove past it a couple of times last week! In the middle of moving back to the area and just rented a cottage in the mountains the other side of killarney near Carrantuohill, met a lovely big Sika buck at the end of my drive the other night!

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    Edi, that Sika is in great condition for the Freezer. Hope to manage something similar in Tyrone next weekend.

    Suppose I shouldn't mention Tyrone to a man from the Kingdom this morning.

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    That certainly was an interesting hunt wasn't it

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