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Thread: trip down south

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    trip down south

    Well true to his word twatem took me on a adventure allways a adventure with this guy .his first words were i dont care who gets one first as long as it is me . We went down friday afternoon and arrived at the ground about 6 pm as we drove past a small spinney we saw a young buck feeding away the keeper was keen for us nail it but we drove on with mutterings of disgust ,i said dont worry he wont go far ,fingers crossed anyway we started our stalk twatem one direction me back to the young buck .when i arrived the stupid thing was no where to be seen then a munty made a appearance young doe should i shoot her or not ,the arrival of the buck made my mind up one down.Quicly sorted carried on about half a mile away another young buck 2 down going well ,saw 11 more does then back to motor atom 2 twatem 0 ha ha went to pub not a good idea with 2 big drinkers hic. This morning up at 4am after a comfortable night in twatems motorhome out in the pouring rain wot luck i was having another buck atom 3 twatem 1 fox do hope he invites me again cheers mate for a good few days
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    That'll teach Twatem to take the "deer magnet".............

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    Atom your always welcome mty as usual we had a good laugh and as weve always said its about having the crack in good company and if you bag a deer/fox its a bonus keeper was well happy his birds are arriving in 5 weeks so we need to go before then maybe the RUT will make a wee show for us and we can catch up with the big buck i keep seeing at top wood thanks again for the helping hand job well done and as for 3/0 its all about returning the favour as you have done for me many times REGARDS TWATEM

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