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Thread: Buttalo calls for fox

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    Buttalo calls for fox

    Just wondered if any of you guys have ever had a fox come to a buttalo call.Sounding like a young deer,i would have thought it is quite likely

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    No, they don't work and there are 100's of other ways you can scare a fox.

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    no never had it happen or heard it happen

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    several years ago while calling roe buck in the rut for a client i did call a 3/4 grown fox cub with a buttollo.

    the client shot the fox cub with his un moderated 308 , the proceeded to shoot a nice 5 pointer not 2 mins later , but ive never managed to shoot one since !

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    I've had one come into about 70 yards away to the "fiep" call of the buttollo, it had a look but i moved the rifle a little to soon and did'nt get a shot

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    I've had a fox come for a look before but it was not a run in and was just curious really. I never shot it.

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    Has worked for me on the odd occasion , but I do think you have no chance with a well educated fox.

    (one which has been coursed or shot at before etc.)

    Rgds, Buck.
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