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Thread: level 2 units C49 and C50

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    level 2 units C49 and C50

    has anyone got any info on these "alternative" qualifications accepted by the FC for stalking permissions?

    All i can find out about a level 2 unit c49 is "
    Promote sales of food or drink products by offering samples to customers

    and c50 is"
    Deliver retail products to the customerís premises

    I dont think these are very relevant to deer stalking. the FC mention "Game and Wildlife management" Does anyone have a level 2 game and wildlife qualification that the FC recognise?

    Has anyone approached the FC for a nice clear explanation on this subject?

    Such as This unit, this unit name, this unit code, this level, awarded by this organisation, available from the following establishments etc etc?


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    Level 2 is a lot simpler on the paperwork

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    I am sure it is, having obtained a National certificate in gamekeeping and wildlife conservation, that was level 5, i can imagine a level 2 is along the lines of "the very hungry caterpilla"

    The problem is the clarity of these accepted alternative qualifications, clear as mud?

    Im interested to know if the FC would accept my NCGWC, or a Higher national certificate in Countryside management, or a Higher national Diploma in countryside conservation? or a general degree Bsc? or an Hons degree in ecology and conservation? or a Masters or even a PHD?

    Im not really bothered that much as i have DMQ 1 + 2 but would it help the "points" in a tendering bid?

    Would these alternative qualifications be cheaper to obtain than a DMQ 2? would the units be more accessable to more stalkers? and ultimatley why, if these units are accepted as a level of relevant competance to the FC are so few stalkers aware of this qualification?

    Thanks for the reply Paul


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