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Thread: Showing off my new Kit !

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    Cool Showing off my new Kit !

    Many thanks to Gregor at R Macleod & Son Tain for the fantastic service and also JAYB on site here at the stalking directory for the fine recommendation.

    Pic Should be attached.
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    Excellent rig.

    As the lads say here, buy the best, and only buy it once.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks Brian,

    Yes I agree, it is quite a pill to swallow spending so much at once but as you say hopefully that lot will last me a good ten years!

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    Very nice. What calibre is the rifle ?

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    Thanks very much Dovebob.

    It is a .270 Sako 85 .. Synthetic stock/Stainless Barrel., Scope is Swarovski 3-12 x 50 with Plex Reticule.

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    Very nice too!

    I have the same rifle in 30-06 and have been very pleased with it.

    Don't worry about JAYB, judging by that little haul he will be popping in to Gregor's to redeem his commission tomorrow!

    all the best,


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    They are a cracking rifle in that cal, i've had two. Long story. Thought they were one of the most accurate rifles i've had. Reliability was a problem with mine, but i believe that Sako have addressed the problem.Happy hunting

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    Quality that kit should serve you well...You cant beat Gregor order in the morning and you you get your kit next day.

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    Cracking set up there. The only thing is if you cant put deer in the bag with that set up you know you are a **** stalker!!


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    CSL.. Thanks.. I am sure JAYB will cash in his gregor points soon enough.. very good price I got though. Impressed.

    Ranger.. I take it you are FC supplied ?! What have they moved onto now?

    Al, thanks for the comment, yes I went up to see him in person, a good set up he has in Tain, cracking staff, very helpful, noting was too much trouble, I think I tried every set of bino's in the shop!

    Dave, lol.. Indeed you can see the tics on them at 200 yards with this baby! As far as light gathering goes, I am so impressed with the Swarovski kit.

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