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Thread: It just goes to show

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    It just goes to show

    I have just come back from a night away at the caravan above Driffield with the family.

    On the last occasion there, my daughter went for a pony treck at a pony center near Bridlington and whilst she enjoyed herself there me the wife and the dog went for a look see down through a woodland which lead to a cracking view of cereal crop and potatoe fields surrounded by woodland. I made a comment to the wife that this place is a dead cert to wait to see deer of an evening,and we will make time to check it out the next time we are up.

    Now, back to the present time, we dropped the daughter of for her pony treck again and headed out to the same spot but coming into it from further round the top. As we came out from the wood into the edge of the field i instantly noticed what to me was a couple of hares so i didn`t give them a second look. These "hares", 3 of em were about 200 yards down the potatoe field just on the edge of a little spinney, but like i said they were nothing special as they were only hares. Well, my wife said, when one of them moved "it didn`t seem to move like a hare" and "they look big for hares" well i took another look at them, baring in mind that i didn`t have the bins on me, and on closer examination i could just about make out a creamy coloured rump, but with them being so small i still thought they were hares. Well, 10 seconds later all three deer walked into the woods , so what went wrong, i have a good sense of range, i have shot enough deer to know what they look like at ranges, and the potatoe plants were only 18" high.
    This gave me a bit of a surprise because my wife seemed to be on the ball before me
    I think the moral of this story is, you are never too old to learn, especially from the wife who has probably only seem about 6 roe deer in her life

    A shocked wadas

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    dont let her read this!!
    they are always right its scary

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    Good stuff Wadas, good that you have final seen deer around the caravan I know you were hoping to see them and there had been signs,
    I have the same with the wife and kids but they go out of there way to try and spot deer before me usually when we are driving and I get, did you not see them meant to be a stalker,
    Its all good crack and look forward to seeing you in 4 weeks


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    Now then wadas lad take heart, you have lost nothing in your distance gauging and perception etc, it was just you believing you. You said it right at the start "i instantly noticed what to me was a couple of hares so i didn't give them a second look" You put them out of your head and your good lady continued to study them intently.

    You can tell her with complete confidence that you were a victim of a sub-conscious optical illusion, compounded by the fact that your brain had already dismissed them as deer. This was clearly borne out by the fact that when your attention was drawn to them a second time and you were able to concentrate anew you did confirm the that they were Roe Deer, replacing your initial hasty hare assumption.

    Tell her that or admit that she was right or worse yet, you were wrong


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    Wadas, don't bother with the opticians. I have an old pair of glasses I can send you if you pay for the p+p.

    Best take your wife out with you when you go stalking from now on.

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    hares in field

    Bloody hell wadas your hares must have big EARS cant imagine body weight to carry across a ploughed field glad our are not that big would need a tractor and trailer for hare drives . Any way hope you are well see you the weekend , if you want any yorkshire tea you will have to bring your own we only have tetly MUDDY

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    hey wadas,
    next time you are at your caravan give me a shout and come for some stalking, i am just south of the humber.


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    Hope your eyesight improves before you start looking for Japs in Scotland with me in about 4 weeks time I could always ask Smithy to tag along and point you in the right direction

    Looking forward to it mate, not long now

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    Wadas, you were very fortunate for what you saw were the local indigenous subspecies of the Roe Deer, Capreolus capreolus woldsii minoris.

    A remnant population from the last ice age, when many animals evolved smaller body sizes to cope with the increasingly cold climate, still lives in remote corners of Yorkshire and , rumour has it, Lincolnshire.

    These 'pygmy' Roe have survived for generations in their last refuge of the high peaks and scree slopes of the Wolds. Rarely coming down onto the lower meadows to feed and then nearly always at night. In fact these agile and extremely elusive deer have been called the British Chamois and are, of course, a highly prized trophy.

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