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Thread: re cleaning kit

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    re cleaning kit

    hello all can anyone point me in the right direction in chooseing a good cleaning kit for my cz bruno .22 hornet and any cleaning fluids i may need.regards bushart

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    reloading solutions stock it all mate.

    boreguide [ tell them the model of your rifle]
    dewey rod this will come with jag and the adaptor for cleaning brushes.
    proshot nylon brush
    kg carbon remover
    kg copper remover
    a pack of proshot patches

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    cheers for that jay 22 ill have a look now

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    After buying a bottle of "Patch-out" at Bisley last week, I'm now seriously considering throwing the majority of my cleaning kit away.
    My ney line up of kit will probably be something like:-
    Bottle of Patch Out,
    Coated rod,
    Bag of VFG cleaning felts (optional, but I've got them anyway)
    Roll of 4x2
    Brass Jag.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Give Steve Kershaw a call (get details online)

    I recently got full set of cleaning kit for my 6mm BR from him

    Dewey parts are best quality and I would recommend getting some Kano Kroil.

    Hope you get sorted.

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