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Thread: Radway Green 5.56/.223 TRACER

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    Radway Green 5.56/.223 TRACER

    Hi have got 40 RG Tracer rounds for sale.
    Pickup only with fac (5.56mm or .223 calibre)



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    I thought tracer rounds were S5?

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    no mate
    I got em off a guy that had bought a lot of RG surplus 5.56 belt that had 1:5 tracer


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    Fair enough, just had a trawl and you are correct, there's nothing to put them in S5. I know they're banned on MOD ranges due to fire risk.

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    Yep they are s1 FMJ and yep some MOD ranges don't like em.
    Great fun though!!!


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    never understood the fire risk myself.
    I had some in .22 and I tried my best to light an incinerator soaked in petrol with some from about 20 yds! not even a puff of smoke

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    Hello mate, tracer doesn't light until it reaches 100mtrs. if you are firing this in a belt (I.E. 1 in 5) then sustained bursts at a target on heath lands or moorland when its dry is likely to start a fire. hence the reason for the MOD to place bans at certain times of the year. but it good to watch at night if you have **** loads of ammo.

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    Yep it is good fun!!!
    Be single shot through a .223/5.56mm bolt action rifle.

    Brilliant to watch it hit a far target



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