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Thread: Tikka T3 Hunter synthetic stock ?

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    Tikka T3 Hunter synthetic stock ?

    Guy's, I have the chance of a synthetic stock from a Tikka T3 light that i want to fit to my T3 hunter that currently has a wooden stock, anybody done it , will the symthetic stock fit?



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    Someone must have tried this?
    I just don't want to buy it only to find out it won't fit?



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    it will fit mate no worrys there all the same action. is the lite and the hunter the same barrel thickness ???

    the only thing you would find is if you fitted a plastic stock from the t3 varmint the barrel channel would be wider so might look out of place with a stand contour barrel in it.
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    As far as i know, the stainless light does have a sporter barrel which assume isnt a heavy barrel, Mine is a .243, would the doner rifle have to be the same calibre?


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    No the barrels may differ in length but not overall diameter (sporter or varmint).

    It will only differ in in smaller or larger bore diameter depending on calibre.

    Rgds, Buck.

    PS only two types of stock sporter and varmint.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Thanks a milliom lads, you know what it's like, in the current climate i couldn't buy it only for it not to fit, as ever there's always someone on here with the answer to most questions! i assume fitting a new stock shouldn't affect the zero but it may be best just to check on a target?


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    Tikka:- I have a T3 lite in 223 and it has a smaller contour barrel than the hunter/varmint I would think, hence the "lite" in the title so you will probably find that you will have to open up the barrel channel in the stock, not a big job.

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    Good replies, but mostly wrong.

    The Hunter is a Lite with a wooden stock. Nothing more.

    It costs extra in Hunter form, but if you want to convert it into a cheaper Lite model by fitting the Lite stock it will fit. These are mass produced by the thousand.

    There is no diffence in the barrel profile for Lites (Blue or SS) or the Hunter, and that goes for all calibres from .222 to .30/06.

    There is only one action length, with a different bolt stop for small, medium, and long cartridges. That's why the T3 production costs are cheaper ..... but not their RRP, I notice.

    The Varmint and Sporter models have longer heavier profile barrels. This isn't a concern for you, so no hogging out necessary.

    If you look at the T3 RH Owner Manual on WWW.TIKKA.FI (helpfully only in Finnish!) these all share the same exploded parts diagram.

    What might be different between the wood and the plastic stock is the bedding block under the receiver. You won't know this until you take yours apart, but someone on here might know if there's something extra to reduce any flexing.

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    Cheers Sinistral, we all live and learn, I never knew that the hunter and the lite had the same barrel profile.

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    Cheers lads, most helpful, and to confirm you are correct, i've just this minute recieved an e-mail from customer seervices at GMK, they recon the actions are the same and that the stocks are interchangable.
    Thanks again


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