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Thread: For sale. Two Allan Woods knives,

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    For sale. Two Allan Woods knives,

    No. 1. Curved gralloching blade. Very sharp and in good, used condition. Wooden handle.
    Offers in excess of 150 please.

    Pending arrival of a cheque this item is SOLD. Thanks all.

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    No.2. General purpose blade. Tufnol handle, hollow ground blade. In good general order and it has a nearly new sheath.
    Offers in excess of 100.

    Also sold pending receipt of cheque. Thanks all.
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    That last one looks like it has seen a bit of sevice stag i would be sad to let a knife like that go.

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    Aye, it has had a busy life but looks better than the photo shows. Over the years I have gathered up many knives as presents from grateful guests etc. but I paid for both of Allans.
    That blade has developed a patina of colour of its own, when I sent it back to Allan to be sharpened he did it free and sent it back in a new sheath, also free.
    Now I am on an electric scooter and 78 I am reducing some of my stock in hand.


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    Very nice... but i have too many knives. Good luck with the sale.

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    I would love the Alan Wood knife but like RD I have too many already. Handmade knifes are a class apart.

    Maybe i will stick some on here and free up some money.

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    The cheque has arrived for number one and the knife has been posted.
    Thank you.


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    Below is a picture of a hand crafted knife of Alan Wood quality but by a foreign maker.
    IC cut, Silver Collection. Classic series custom craft.
    Wood handle and stainless 11cm blade, weight 257 grammes.
    50 post paid.
    It was my favourite skinner.

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    The cheque has arrived for the No.2 Alan Wood knife and it too has been despatched by post today.
    Price drop on the No.3, fine skinner below, now 40 posted.
    Thanks all.


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    If No. 3 is still available I'll take it please.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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