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Thread: What type of rifle / ammo

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    Lightbulb What type of rifle / ammo

    Little bit of advice please gents, i need a rifle for 2 disciplins, for deer stalking and target, shooting out to 600yrds i was looking at a CZ 308 Varminit and a police sps 700 can any one help


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    Tikka T3 Varmint if you care to lug all that weight around.

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    As I see from your intro you hand load there are quite a few options on the target/stalking front.
    My two pence worth
    260 Rem
    To name a few, what target shooting discipline do you want to do as it may impact on your rifle choice?
    Do you need a 10/20 rnd mag or is it more deliberate, so single loading could be done?
    Also what scope are you planning on using that covers both eventuality's,would need to be variable and the best you can buy for the extra minutes when stalking.

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    Long range target shooting and deer stalking are two very different jobs for a rifle to do, and a light stalking rifle will not be good at the L/R target shooting. Therefore if you only want one rifle it will probably need to be the heavy barrel varmint type and you will just have to suffer all the extra weight. .308 or 6.5x55 would both be good for the job but there are plenty of others also. I would apply for two rifles one for target and pest control shooting and one for stalking and pest control. you wont have to acquire them at the same time. good luck.

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    Nosler do a 6.5-284, excellent in both spheres. I believe Norma makes ammo but it is a dodle to load for. Buy a scrap rifle and have it rebarelled in a no-turn neck and it won't break the bank. Good out to 1k yards.

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    Remington 700 Police in .308cal. Wil perform admirably on the range,though will be a little heavy to lug around.You cant have the best of both worlds.

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    Sounds to me like you need to get out more , before either of Both will do the job admirally tho . atb
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    I would have thought a 6mm BR would be the ideal solution with a suitable nightforce. Give some thought to barrel twist and then talk to Norman Clarke. Assume you will be reloading for it.


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    Sauer Wolverine Jagdtmatch - there you go, job done

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