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Thread: Fridge repair needed Lanark Area

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    Fridge repair needed Lanark Area

    Anybody know who could repair a fridge freezer (American style) in Lanark area, For my daughter,

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    What is it not doing.
    There are three basic things that go wrong with fridges 2 you can sort out yourself.
    1 The compressor has failed ( the thing in the back looks a bit like a black loaf of bread ) it has either lost its gas or has failed. If it makes a ticking noise about every 10-15 seconds you need a new one, if when you turn it on it vibrates it is short of gas. Call an engineer.
    2 The thermostat has failed, Turn the adjuster dial back and forth slowly if it clickes it is ok if not fit a new one (2 wires and a tube )
    3 One of the fans has failed causing the gas not to chill (fit a new one ) 3 nuts and 3 wires.
    If you are still strugling pm me and I will see if I can walk you through it.

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    Daughter has called out comet where she bought it three years ago. Warrenty two years. Problem being you have to have a degree in engineering to get it open. Thanks annyway, Jim

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    I have a friend in biggar selling one if that helps or they take it away

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