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Thread: Custom .223 For Sale

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    Custom .223 For Sale

    Hi All,

    After lots of thought i have decided to sell my beloved .223, Brought new from Riflecraft in 2008 Costing £2614.38 for rifle alone, have reciepts. Shoots 1/2'' -3/4'' groups depending on how well i'm shooting with factory 50 grain norma v-max. Heres what is up for sale:

    Remington 700 blueprinted short action,
    26'' fluted chrome moly varmint barrell screw cut to 5/8 and recrowned, has seen arround 750 rounds approx
    Mcmillan A3 stock with black rubberished alloy type adjustable cheekpiece dura coated black, has a few sign of wear and a couple of minor chips, looks like it is a gel camo in olive tan and brown under duracoating,
    Stock has two alluminum bedding post and has been bedded for the action,
    Badger Ordinance AIC magazine kit fitted and 5 round AIC magazine,
    Rifle Basix trigger,
    Also comes with a few pieces to lengthen the length of pull on the rifle,
    The rifle has an oversized bolt handle fitted by myself, didn't come out as i would have liked but nothing dredfull, just trying to be honest.
    Warne 0 moa piccatinny rail
    1 ten round AIC magazine converted by SYSS costing £90 new
    Also up for sale is a used Atec reflex type mod in neoprene sleeve, Costing £300 new fitted
    Approximatly 50 rounds of norma.223 50 grain v max,
    Approximatly 200 once fired cases with about 50 that have seen two reloads all marked with pen.
    half Aa tub of Hodgeden H335
    Approx 500 .224 Hornady 50 grain v-max heads less a few reloads,
    Approx 500 small rifle cci benchrest primers less a few reloads,
    1 set of reding .223 dies not sure which ones, but will check,
    Will throw in a set of 30mm Leupold Qrw (£70) if brought as a package.

    Whole lot cost over £3,350 new Looking for £1,850 for the whole lot

    I may split up into individual sale but only after rifle is sold.
    I have tried to be as honest as possible with the description, any viewing and test firing welcomed. Have two nightforce and one leupold mark 4 scopes that I would sell, if of interest to buyer


    1. 5.5-22x56 Nightforce Nsx IlluminatedNP-R1 1/4'' MOA adjustmentss less than a year old £1,000

    2. 3.5-15x56 nightforce Nsx illuminated mildot 1/4'' MOA adjustments£900 SOLD

    3. 6.5-20x50 Leupold Mark 4 LRT Illuminated Tmr Rectical 1/4'' MOA adjustments £900
    will add pictures of scopes tommorow

    will add pictures of scopes tommorow
    Many Thanks Matt
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    How much for just rifle and have you any pics and what twist is barrel. cheers

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    Sounds a sound piece of kit. Can you post some pictures?

    Thanks JCS

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    Will post pics asap, can't find the bloody lead at the moment

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    Thanks, that looks an excellent bit of kit. What twist is the barrel?

    Regards JCS

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    what make is the barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    what make is the barrel?
    Remington Barrell, Stamping is at 6 'o' clock position due to action be blueprinted

    Many thanks Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    What models are the nightforce scopes and how much are they if bought with the rifle please?

    Many thanks Sussexstalker.

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