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Thread: Schmidt & Bender PM11

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    Schmidt & Bender PM11

    Hi all,

    Wanted mint condition Schmidt and Bender 5-25x56 PM11 illuminated 1/4 moa adjustments on windage and elevation, prefably with rings. Not 100% sure about which recticle prefrably in 2nd focal plane.

    Many Thanks Matt

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    keep looking on eBay
    you just missed one

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    I here there are a few in Iran, try ebay there too...

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    Many Thanks for replies, not a great lover of ebay prefer to see what i,m buying in the flesh or face to face, had a couple of bad experiences on the bay.

    Many thanks Matt

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    Someone must have one for sale, or know someone have cash waiting

    Many Thanks Matt

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    hi matt think theres one on gun trader best luck john

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    Cheers John,

    Just checked it its metric unfortuneatly, after an amperial model ie 1/4 moa adjustment and yards.

    Many Thanks Matt

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    for targets rather than hunting?

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    Bit of both realy, do you of one for sale?

    Many thanks Matt

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    sorry mate, dreaming of affording one one day, but curious why you would opt for 2nd focal plane, unless for target shooting specifically.

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