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Thread: Morning out envious

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    Morning out envious

    Well some mornings are ok some are good some very good and some just Tick all the boxes. I am sitting here having had my brakefast and uploading some of my pictures from this mornings stalk. So here gose i sets off at 3am and was on the ground for 3.25. I got the wee pup out the boot and got her in the mood not a great traveler yet.So we head down the road to a steep banking that headsup to a small forrest. On arrival i see a nice big doe out about 200 mtr. So gets my self ready for a wait i normally wait about 30 mins before i start to stalk an area. Just as i took my Roe Bag off i saw a movement about 120 mtr in front of me. After a few moments it came clear of the reeds and headed up on to the short grass. A real nice buck i had seen with a guest just one week earlier. I got my self steady and shot it off the sticks at 120 mtr the shot struck well but slightly back the deer went down and got straight back up it ran 50 mtr or more and then was out of sight. Well i was not best pleased with my self as i could have moved in closer but thought the shot was on my my position.Well i went over to were the deer was shot at and i could see a bit of liver and what looked like lung. I put the pup on the line and started to walk with her off the lead letting her just folow my lead. But away she went and with in seconds was pulling at the exit hole on the beast. When i got to it i couls see the shot was not that bad just a wee bit back and the buck was a great old buck who should make a nice bronze or silver medal.
    JayB that pineapple marmalade tasted even beter this morning .

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    well done, good head

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    Nice head there fella.Let us know the weight after boiling as it looks quite thick down below.

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    Here is a wee picture of the head very thick at the base the hight of the head is just around the nine inch.

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    Give Ria some of that Pineapple kit and there will be no stopping her! another nice head you bugger.

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    well done 6 pointer.
    lovely write up & good pictures
    I hope one of his frends has my name on it.

    by the way the wife likes the dog.

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    good buck nice picture the dog doing well

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    Nice looking buck there Dave good head with brow tines almost perfect may just squeeze a silver hopefully, dog looks like its gonna be a good un too.
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    Thanks lads early days for the dog but she seems ok a bit soft but hey beter than a nutter. big_dog Iam sure we will get one to stand with your name on it.

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    hi fella that looks like a good un. so you do shoot one now and again

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