A nun walked into the corner liquor store and asked the proprietor for a bottle of whiskey.

"Sister, now how would it look for a respectable fellow like me to sell alcohol to a nun?" was the reply.

The woman leaned over the counter and whispered conspiratorially, "it's really for the Mother Superior's constipation."

The store owner thought it over and decided to sell it to her since it was for medicinal purposes. The nun paid and left with the bottle of whiskey.

A few hours later the store owner closed up shop for the evening and headed for home, walking down the street he noticed the very same nun, sitting in the alley, roaring drunk with her dress hiked up over her waste.

"Sister," he said angrily, "You know I only sold you that whiskey because it was to ease Mother Superior's constipation."

"It is," slurred the nun. " She'll s**t when she sees me!"