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Thread: Bushnell range scope

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    Bushnell range scope

    I am looking at changing my scopes on my rifles and have been looking at the bushnell yardage pro has any one had the chance to have a go with one, and what do you think. Are they robust enough.

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    Hi Carl,

    There was an article in (I think) Sporting Gun about rangefinding scopes earlier this year. They compared the Bushnell Yardage Pro, a Leupold jobbie and the Zeiss Diarange. They all reportedly did the job.

    I thought about going down a similar route but the idea of pointing a (loaded?) rifle at something (somebody?) while you 'range' it, is counter to all the currently taught safe weapon handling rules.

    I got a pair of range finder binos instead. That way I identify the target, zap it if necessary for the range and then point the rifle if appropriate. TBH I don't 'need' the things, simply a case of indulging myself with some big boys toys. Unless you are doing some real long range shooting on the open hill a range finder isn't really essential.

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    Have a word with Sussex Lad, his brother has one on the top of his remie 700 22.250.

    His brother can also be found on the shooting community forum with the name A-Bolt.

    I have looked through it and it is a nice bit of kit, seen him drop rabbits at over 300yards with it, not good for mounting a lamp though.

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