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Thread: Repair to a damaged rifle

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    Repair to a damaged rifle

    Hello,I very new to cenrefire rifles and my questions are aimed at the gunsmiths/armourers amongst you , and is how easy would it be to repair or replace the magazine housing on a modern sporting rifle ?

    The rifle in question is a steyr III professional and it has a damaged magazine housing (to what extent i dont know ),would damage such as this make the rifle beyond economical repair i.e a " write off ",this is assuming the rest of the rifle is in sound condition ,and could such a repair be undertaken by someone with reasonable mechanical skills providing the part is still avaliable from steyr, and also what would the cost of the part be ( approx ),

    OR would it be purely a job for a gunsmith and would the cost be ( ball park ),cheers Lee

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    Sportsman gun center would be where you could get a price for the mag housing they're the importers

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    Magazine housing is just a thin metal box normally. Easy fix, if it has been damaged it could even just be beaten back into shape on a vise or with a couple of dollies. They are easy to bend with a rogue screw driver by accident. (been there done that)

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