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Thread: Travel Insurance - South Africa

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    Smile Travel Insurance - South Africa

    I have saved my pennies and am finally off to hunt a buff, with a bit of wingshooting to warm up. The internet has zillions of insurance policies, can anyone suggest a good one that covers hunting? I seem to remember taking out a special one in 2001 the first time I went but can't find the details.

    17 days to go so need to get sorted! All suggestions welcome.



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    Hi Cornishman
    Myself and a mate went a couple of years back if you are a member of BASC you are covered by them get in touch with the head office that will cover you for your shooting the rest was covered by my insurance through the Bank which would of covered me for shooting on the range but not hunting

    good hunting

    Paul D

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    "Hunting a Buff" might be outside the remit of standard shooting Insurance.

    Speak to your underwriter or broker.

    Then again, you might not care about your dependants


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    Worldwide third party/accident & death benefit.



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    I always used NFU Eric, they didn`t have any queries ref DG anywhere in the world, as their position was, you are hunting, and ref losing/damaging rifle or equipment was not affected by what you were hunting or where.
    And from memory I was covered for up to 30 days abroad without no extra charge, when I went over the 30 days, wasn`t a problem as I didn`t ever tell them.
    Where you hunting? who with?
    And remember, up close and personel, it`s the only way.

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    In all my African trips and also trips to Finland and a recent trip to USA I have used P J Hayman.

    You will find that hunting Buff is not covered by many companies as it is classified differently to plains game hunting, or at least thats how they used to treat it. Covering for medical treatment and getting you the hell out of there should there be an issue is up to 5 million. However for hunting dangerous game the maximum life cover I could get was 5000 .

    Any problems PM me.



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    Another one for you Eric, when I was driving abroad, I,and alot of other drivers I knew used was Transmed.Was mainly for drivers,but covered anything but only out to the Urals, so when we were past there, we hoped nothing went wrong.
    A friend of mine had to use them, and they hospitalized him in Moscow, used a Transmed `plane to get him back to uk and transported him to Frenchay hospital,no questions asked, a great service, wasn`t expensive if the old grey matter serves me right.
    Late reply,but I being trying to think of Transmeds name for the last week

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