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Thread: A lot of Rabbits this year?

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    A lot of Rabbits this year?

    Not that I am a big Rabbit shooter, but there seems to be a lot about this year, is anyone else finding an increase in their numbers? Or do you think it may have something to do with me getting a17hmr sako quad.
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    Hi lots around the ground i shoot in lancashire area more than the last few years .but i was told the have got m t

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    Hi no they have come back well after the amount of snow we had through the winter. I go through around 2000 .22's a month just now at them & have just got a .17 added to my fac.

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    Lot more about this year so far, but starting to see mxy.
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    a local farm is getting some right hammer on his crops from them, never seen it as bad. but he will not give anyone permission to shoot them. yet the farm 2 miles away were i have permission not a sausage. lucky eddie strikes again. stav

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    not a lot around here, seems like they took a kicking over the last two winters
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    Have been shooting 10-15 per night with the Hmr for nearly 3 months now, dont seem to be making a dent in the population at all, not seen a hint of mixy at all, over in this neck of the woods. Would welcome a couple of weeks off, hate the smelly things!!

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    There were loads about till recently,Mixy has now started to get hold on the moors and on some of the low ground,game crops were starting to get hit badly.Talking to a few keepers they seem to say it looks like a strong strain.Time will tell.
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    Lots around here having 2-3 nights a week on them and having an average bag of 60 per outing no signs of mixy yet on any of my shoots.
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    Not many about this area, whole hillside's deserted and look as if no rabbits ever existed, (and believe me there used to be alot!!) you don't even see any carcasses lying about as they die in the burrows, dont even shoot at rabbits now as there are so little about.

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