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Thread: Binocular, options

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    Binocular, options

    I am after some binoculars but before everyone says "get the swarovski" there is context.
    Am not a massive fan of bins as I wear glasses and find then fiddly. I am also not in a position where I can justify spending £1k for something I only use a few times a year.

    So I am considering getting a pair of Nikon Monarch Mk3 8x42 DCF.
    They'll be used for a bit of woodland and a bit of open hill.

    Does anyone have these and what are they like?
    Had a Nikon scope which was clear and well made for the money.

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    They will do the job but I would advise go with one of the big three and treat as an investment, i`m sure lots of members on here will tell stories of paying a kings ransom for a pair of binoculars only to sell to upgrade and recieve there initial stake.
    Since buying my Geovids I would realy strugle to justify a pair of bino`s without a rangefinder built in thats just my view and worth exactly what you paid for it !
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    I have made a few gear selection mistakes. Not going for Swarovski binos has been one of them. I now have the 8.5 x 42 ELs and they are superb and I never take my specs off any more. For the previous binos, I used to take my specs off. No need to do that now. I tried the latest version of these binos at the Royal Highland Show yesterday, and they looked even better than my current pair.

    Regards JCS

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    You are all bad, bad people!
    I know what you are saying makes sense, but it is an awful lot of money to part with for something I'll use so rarely.

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    Taken from here: A Guide To Binoculars - Binocular Guide - Bass and Bligh - The UK's Premiere Independent Optical Retailer
    3. You generally get what you pay for
    This might seem pretty obvious, but itís worth stating nonetheless. The more you pay, the better binocular you get, both in terms of build quality and optical performance. Although there are some notable exceptions you are unlikely to find a new binocular at what looks like a bargain price that can compete with the best available. However, what is less commonly known is that above about £300 performance of binoculars increases only marginally. Gone are the days of having to fork out top prices just to get an acceptable view. There are now plenty of binoculars at reasonable prices that many people would be happy to own for decades. Improvements in optical performance are most apparent between £50 and £300. Above that figure, many people would be surprised at how small a difference there is between the top priced binoculars costing £1,000 or more and those priced at less than a third of that. It is only in what I call critical viewing situations, such as in very dull conditions or in strong lateral sunlight, that the most expensive binoculars demonstrate their superiority. On a sunny day those comparing the high end binoculars with the budget ones might wonder why people would part with so much money for such little gain.
    For me, every view of a deer when I'm out stalking is a "critical viewing situation" so just choose carefully. If you buy mail order, you automatically have a 7 day (think it is actually 14 days by law) cooling off period to return them offered by most big stores, so that gives plenty of time to try them out at dawn/dusk actually observing deer to help you make up your mind.

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    Go on fleabay and find yourself a pair of second hand ELs. You will never regret it.

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    Thought i saw a pair of 10x42 EL's on here for £950 earlier. I got mine brand new in 2003 for £850 while on leave from Iraq. Took them back with me for the next 6 months of the tour, they earn't their weight in gold out there in OP's and in the guard towers. The price stung me then, but here we are less than 10 years later and the price has doubled in most places, and that's with newer models available! My advice and the advice of the bulk of people on this site, don't dawdle and buy something that will never be worth what you paid for it mate. Save a few extra shekels and get a pair of EL's or the newer SLC's for gawd sake. We'll see you back on here when you've got them thanking us all for saving you from making a huge mistake

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    Clear case of herd behaviour. They spent a bomb - so I must too or be thought 'inferior'. If I spent a fortune so must he or I'll be wrong.

    JabaliHunter makes the telling point that the (admitted) differences are totally disproportionate to the cost. If you are rich and single fill your boots but I could not justify taking that much out of the household budget. I think you'll find the equivalent Pentax bins now edge the Nikons and I bought the top of the range Barr & Strouds and have had no regrets. They go out every day with me and the dog, shooting or not.

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    Here you go, these should see you through the year. NO THAT EXPENSIVE.
    10 x 80 BLC BINOCULARs

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