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Thread: Range finders

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    Range finders

    Anyone used any of these handheld range finders?
    Any use in the real world?

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    Personally I wouldn't go out without one. They all work from Bushnell to Zeiss.

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    I used a leica LRF 800 for a while good bit of kit, have now changed to geovid bino's one less piece if kit to carry

    though they are a bit on the exspensive side. Bearing in mind buy cheap buy twice.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    I'm using a pair of bushnell range finding bino's for morning stalking which helps me get a feel for distances on a particular piece of ground prior to using more expensive better light gathering glass for the evening.
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    I considered buying a range finder but didn't want to spend the money. After looking at prices on ebay and the like I bought a Bushnell Scout that was on offer and paid the sort of money that it was going 2nd had for on ebay. I figured that if I didn't get on with it I could just put it on ebay and get most of my cash back.

    However, for me it has been really useful. When in a high seat I use it to ping some landmarks to give me a good idea of the distance to any deer that should step out. When on foot I might occasionally ping some landmarks and I find that it gives me a good reference point as sometimes my range estimation can be wildly off the mark. I have no real use for ranging very long distance and if it works to 300 yards then I'm happy but if you take longer shots then it might be better investing in a more up market version than the US glass/laser. I would be confident that you get what you pay for and that the more expensive Euro options would range further and better than my Bushnell.

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    I got hold of a Nikko Sterling LRF for a good price off Fleabay. They state a max distance of 1000 yards, I can certainly give them the thumbs up out to 300, and right in to close airgun ranges, the closest I've measured is 4 yards. A very useful bit of kit for helping to develop range estimation skills, take it everywhere, estimate a distance to a landmark and then check with the LRF, helps to improve range estimation much quicker. Also good for in the field for that extra bit of confidence at longer ranges. Well worth the money!

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    I use them a lot, particularly when walking new ground - it really helps me develop a mental picture of the ground. I also use them on open ground a lot, where there are few obvious landmarks, as I find range estimation very difficult over this sort of terrain. My preference is for Leica rangefinders - I'm currently selling an LRF800 and upgrading to the very long range CRF1600 as I increasingly stretch the legs of my .300WM.


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    I'm with the others on this - I find my Nikon very useful when getting onto land and checking it out - I mark up maps with distances for future reference and check that my eyes aren't lying. I've not used one in anger when on the trigger - too much else to concentrate on without adding another gadget. If I feel I need to check the range, then I'm probably shooting further than I need to......
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    As already said, great for pinging distances in advance if waiting for deer or foxes. If I've got the time I usually ping my intended target anyway as I find it reassuring to know the exact distance I'm shooting at, be it with the C/f's or the rimmies..

    I also picked up my Bushnell Scout 1000 when on offer and have got readings off trees etc past 800yds, will probably upgrade one day to a Leica with the illuminated display for ease of reading when nearly dark.



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    Another one for Leica i just got myself the CRF 1000 great bit of kit.

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