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Thread: Portable rifle maintenance kit.

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    Portable rifle maintenance kit.

    Often when away on a hunting trip, might that be popping down to the local farm for a bit of plinking/bunny bashing or on a more extended hunting trip - I often go through the process of trying to work out, how can I maintain my rifle, without dragging the contents of the gun room with me - just so I can maintain my kit.

    Its most likely that many of us cobble together a some sort of DIY field kit, for both cleaning and maintenance. But much of the time the bits are over sized and well, just don't really match and take up to much space. So are usually left in the car/truck, and when you need them the most they are not to hand.

    It was on a recent trip to see Mike Norris of Brock & Norris, that I came across a compact little tool kit that has to be the buy of the year. The whole kit comes in its own self contained T.A.B. GEAR case made of Cordura.

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    The MG3 - Military Grade Torque driver and associated tools in the kit is made by
    the "Borka Tool Company" offer a kit they call the "Sniper Rifle Accessory Kit (SRA), the kit contains an excellent collection of tools designed for the most common of maintenance needs be it from assembly, disassembly for the majority of scope/mount/rifle combinations. Originally designed for the US Department for Defense - active duty personnel, where compactness and lightweight are essential. Its a kit that I can easily stick in my pocket when out in the field. In total the case and contents weight in at around 12 ounces.

    Upon opening the case an array of handy tools all in the most common of shooters sizes are available, the primary tool is the torque wrench which comes with 12 fixed torque settings: 15,18,21,24,27,30,36,43,50,57,65,72 inch-lbs. And a torque settings calibration accuracy: +/- 4%.

    In addition the following tools are also included:-

    Autolock bit holder (recommended for use as a primary driver spindle)
    Mini ratchet wrench
    1/2" hex socket (1/4" square drive)
    Customized 18 pcs. hex bits set in 2 separate bit organizers, which includes:
    Hex: 3/32", 7/64", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 3 mm, 5 mm
    Flat: 4.5 mm, 7 mm
    Torx: T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-30
    Philips: #1, #2
    Pozi: #1, #2

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Borka tool kit has now been integrated with my field cleaning which is the US issue Sniper Cleaning Kit, with the addition of a couple of cartridge specific accessories.

    All in all a great little addition to my shooting kit.
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    This looks good, where abouts can they be purchased, and what was the price?

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    I got it for £125 from Brock & Norris, in Shropshire.



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