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Thread: Charity shop binoculars

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    Charity shop binoculars

    Bit of a poser for you here.

    I was in a charity shop today and came across a pair of binoculars. They look quite old (well, let's face it, they ARE quite old) but I glanced through them and the image was brilliant. Well worth lashing out a fiver on anyway. The focus ring was spinning freely, but the diopter adjustment seemed to work well. These things just felt right in my hand!

    So anyway, I got them home, tightened up three little screws on the focus wheel and it now works beautifully. They seem to have a very wide FOV, the eyepiece quotes a 122m FOV at 1000m, for a 10x40 bin, a boast I thought, but actually having looked through them I'm inclined to believe them.

    They have "Leitz wetzlar" on the top, and bear the name "TRINOVID" on the right eye cup, and "Germany 739652" on the left one. Don't suppose anyone can tell me anything about them? I have a feeling I might have got a bit of a bargain, like I said, they have the feel of serious quality about them, despite looking a little foxed.

    I'll try and get some pics up at some point soon.

    Any info gratefully received.

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    Interesting! I found the exact same markings on one in a "charity shop" here in Montana except they are 7x30's. A super piece of old glass. ~Muir

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    Did someone say Leica? I thought the Leitz name was an attempt to fool people.

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    OUCH next time you pass the charity shop[ make a donation. Leitz optik is a camera manufacturer. The bins, are you sitting down are in a class range, new about £900 dig deep for charity. Jim

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    Are they like these:

    If so you have indeed picked up a bargain.

    Wetzlar was/is the main factory for Leitz in Germany. Ernst Leitz was the original company, Leica was their camera brand (derived from LEItz CAmera).

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Shucks! You've let the secret out! Charity shops do occasionally have good binos in - I always look round them. Last year I bought a perfectly good pair of Zeiss 8 x 30 in a nice leather case for £5 at our local charity shop - they didn't know what they had sold me so I gave them another £5 as a donation.
    Even if you send the binos to be properly serviced you will still have a real bargain. ENJOY!


    p.s. If you don't want them I'll happily buy them off you for a tenner!
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    Brilliant find, I picked up a swarvoski pair up at a car boot with a broken leather strap for £2.50
    I was talking about that find for months......

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    Yes Willie, exactly like those, sadly a little more worn, and with no strap or case, but still...

    I've emailed Leica with the serial number, and apparently they were produced in 1970 according to their records. They can supply a case (£69) and a strap (£45)

    I might send them off for a service, does anyone have any idea how much it's likely to cost?

    I'll stop off at the charity shop later and drop a fiver in the collecting box!

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