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    I have seen numerous adverts in various magazines for all I have managed to find out so far is they have stalking near grantham with a stalker from merseyside called john cropper. Does anyone know anything else about this company or this stalker and as I am new to stalking are they worth trying.

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    Welcome Casper. if you scroll down this post you will see like posts. These are post already run on the site re this group. Read at your pleasure. No comments from me as I don't know them. Jim

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    Hit the search button - there have been plenty of comments on this site.



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    One word = no

    (shot out)

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    steer well clear,load of c--p.plenty of land no deer on any of it.big list of stalkers who will take you out at normal costs!!why pay for the list when theres plenty on this site.john cropper is one on the list and is a decent bloke

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    hi casper have you not tried days at blagdon with keith hes ok and not very far away for you if you pm me i will give you his number ]

    atb tom

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    A mate was in that syndicate and said it was a no no, he later joined a syndicate in grantham with a stalker he met whilst in
    I could be wrong but i think it might be john cropper, at the time he had to go accompanied with him but this might have changed now.
    As for it being shot out he has shot numerous fallow in grantham, including a cracking melanistic that he is having mounted also had muntys there.

    Its not my cup of tea but as said not everybody has access to their own stalking, for me if i didnt have friends from sites like this or my own ground i would sooner go with people like john robbo or 6pointer solwaystalker amongst others.
    At least on a regular basis you can see and read the results so you know what to expect.

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    I joined them a few years ago for 1 season for the rough shooting. They guy set up a small walked up day with several drives with no birds seen at all. At the end of the day with the last drive finished and only half the birds we should have had, they stood us round a duck pond and drove a shedload of ducks of another pond. The idea being to fill our bag on the birds coming into land. These were really just tame birds and no sport at all. Anyway, in refused to pay for the full day. There was also lots of complaints from the keeper about insufficient funds to run the shoot and not betting paid by the chap regularly. Probably just after a tip

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    Not very many positive comments. Perhaps the shooting press should check out companies before accepting adverts

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    Quote Originally Posted by casper View Post
    Not very many positive comments. Perhaps the shooting press should check out companies before accepting adverts
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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